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Voice Scans from the comfort of Your Home, NES Health Infoceutical Remedies and MiHealth Electromagnetic Field Sessions

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About the company

NES HEALTH SCANS: Health Scans are done by simply putting your hand on the NES Health scanner or MiHealth device. The scan itself is done quickly in just a few minutes and have a 45-minute consultation to go over all 14 screens of your scan.

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD SESSIONS: Scans include membership in the NES Health portal in which you can view your scan at any time.  A free new folder with all MiHealth Energetic Rejuvenators that come up as a priority on your scan is also included to clear blocked energetic information pathways including acupuncture meridians.  If you do not own a MiHealth, ask about your scan credit being applied to the purchase of a new MiHealth.

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Joy Kortas

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NES Health Scan in person OR from home with NES Health Scanner or MiHealth Device

45 min

NES HEALTH SCAN IN PERSON (IN ALMONT, MICHIGAN) OR NES HEALTH SCANS DONE FROM YOUR HOME:  NES Health Scans can be done from home if you own an NES Scanner or MiHealth Device.   Once you own the NES Scanner or MiHealth, you will ne

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MiHealth Electromagnetic Field Follow-up Sessions

30 min

NES miHealth Electromagnetic Field Sessions are available in Almont, Michigan at 5220 Sandhill Rd.  When booking your first miHealth session, you will receive a 2nd miHealth session for free.  miHealth sessions include a hand scan done with


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