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DON'T STRUGGLE THROUGH EARLY MOTHERHOOD ON YOUR OWN. YUM MUM TUM is hosting amazing educational workshops for mums who want a magical experience. Learn and discuss everything breastfeeding and babies at our MUMMY 101. Don't know what to do with your day? Come to MOTHER CUPPA! Relax, connect and bond with other local mums while your baby plays or your toddler toddles.

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Emma Maher (IBCLC)

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MUMMY 101 - Your Breastfeeding Journey

60 min

"MUMMY 101 : Your Breastfeeding Journey" is for Mummies with a desire to breastfeed successfully. Breastfeeding your baby should be an enjoyable, bonding experience for both of you. However it can be a maze of health, societal and emotional factors t

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60 min

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60 min

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60 min

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MUMMY 101 - The Fourth Trimester

180 min

"MUMMY 101 : The Fourth Trimester" is about professional guidance and support for new mums. Don’t feel like you have to struggle through early motherhood on your own. Pregnant Mums, Mums with newborns, Daddies and even seasoned Mums with two or three


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