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About the company

For2feet provide Road Safety training for Primary School Children.

Offering Pedestrian Training, Road Safety Theatre and Scooter Safety Training in London and the South of England.

We are a partner of Modeshift and all training offered is eligible towards your STARs awards.

Our team

London Borough of Lambeth

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London Borough of Hounslow

London Borough of Redbridge

London Borough of Waltham Forest

London Borough of Redbridge (1 form entry schools)

London Borough of Harrow

London Borough of Barnet

Top services

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Pedestrian Training

360 min

One day of training for Year 3 or Year 4 Children in groups, for 45 mins of offsite road side training per group. note: Year group is decided by your local Council.

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Road Safety Workshop/Show Red man & Green man

120 min

ONE show/workshop for children in Years 1-3 and another for Years 4-6  (45 mins per show).

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Scooter Safety Training

360 min

One day of training provided for up to 60 Children for Year 1 or Year 2 Children.  Timetable permitting we will train 5 groups of 12 children for 45 mins, comprising 20 mins of games and activities on the Playground followed by 25 mins of offsit

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Pedestrian Training (1 form entry)

120 min


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