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NOVA Workforce Student Massage Clinic

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About the company

Students in the Massage Therapy Program at NOVA Workforce Development host clinics open to the public so they can hone their skills with real, hands-on practice on a variety of body types. Under the supervision of a licensed massage therapist and instructor, the clinic is hosted by students in their 2nd semester of school, after they have learned bone and muscle anatomy, and are currently studying the physiology of massage. They will use a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques.

***By booking an appointment on this website, you are agreeing to the policies and code of conduct below. Please read thoroughly before booking an appointment.***

If this is your first time coming to campus, PLEASE ARRIVE 20 MINUTES EARLY to find the right parking, and allow for time to walk to our building and find the room. 
Therapists are allowed to accept cash tips if you choose to tip.

Please do not bring children to the clinic.  We can not have children making noise in the treatment room or outside the treatment room in the waiting area, and we are not licensed or insured for child care. 

If you are sick PLEASE do NOT attend clinic. You will exacerbate your own symptoms and extend the life of your cold/flu and feel terrible after the massage. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel for an illness.
Please sign up using BOTH your first and last name.

Clinic Policies and Client Code of Conduct:

Please make sure you cancel with at least 48 hours notice or we will not allow you to book at future clinics during the current or immediately following semester. The only exception to this rule is an illness or emergency provided you contact me as soon as possible before your massage so I can attempt to fill your spot.

Please note: the students are still in the middle of their training and will not be allowed to work on minors.

Please do not wear perfume or smoke cigarettes directly before your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment we will give your spot away to someone on the waiting list.

When booking massages, please keep in mind that the point of this clinic is to give the students as many different bodies to work on as possible.  Please only book 2 appointments at a time. If there are openings after your second booking, feel free to book again.  Clinic supervisor will monitor this and will give your spots to new clients if necessary.

Please understand that this clinic is for the students to practice, and they are not at a level yet where they feel comfortable speaking up in every situation, and they also do not have the skill set yet to work for 50 minutes on only one area of the body.

Please allow the students to direct the treatment, and keep verbal comments to a minimum - outside of requesting more or less pressure, more or less lotion, or commenting on your general comfort level. 

All feedback to the student should be on the student survey feedback form only.  If you have a specific complaint or compliment, please direct it to the licensed massage therapist who is supervising the clinic the day of your appointment.

Any inappropriate comments or behavior can result in immediate termination of the massage treatment, and subsequent infractions will result in full ban from the clinic. 

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Students in the Massage Therapy Program at Northern Virginia Community College host clinics open to the public so they can hone their skills with real, hands-on practice on a variety of body types. Under the supervision of a licensed massage therapis


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