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Dr Craig Mills

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Orthopaedic Surgeon:  Consulting & Surgical treatment

Specialising in Hip, Knee & Shoulder

2nd Opinions & Independent Reports

St.Francis Building

44/166 Gipps St

East Melbourne 3002 Vic

P +61 3 94193664

F +61 3 9012 7889


Also At  Kew, Ringwood, Sunbury, Mildura & Knox

Our team

Dr Craig Mills (East Melbourne)

Dr Mills IME Reports East Melbourne

Dr Craig Mills (Brooke St)

Dr Craig Mills (Ringwood)

Dr Craig Mills (Vineyard Sunbury)

Dr Craig Mills (Mildura)

Dr Craig Mills (Sunning Hill 228 Cotham Rd Kew)

Dr Craig Mills (Evans St Clinic Sunbury)

Dr Craig Mills Knox

Top services

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Initial Consult (New patient, problem, or > 1 year since last visit)

30 min

*** Please bring a new GP referral & any xrays. Contact p 03 9419 3664 e for more information

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Review Consultation (& Postop visits)

15 min

Review of current problem or reattendance within 12 months since last referral

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Independent Medical Report

45 min


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