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Arts Psychotherapy individual and group services, NDIS services, Online and Face to Face Supervision, Workshops and Training

To book Art Therapy, Supervision or Professional Development sessions please go to

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."  Henry Ward Beecher

Arts Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision

With its ability to calm, reevaluate, and instigate change in our lives, Arts Psychotherapy can be a potent tool for healing and personal growth.  It offers an alternate approach to comprehending who we are, our connections to others, the world, and where we fit within it. 

Art therapy does not require any artistic talent. If you can handle a pencil and make marks on paper, that’s enough!  Arts Psychotherapists don't analyse your artwork or utilise your sketches to make diagnoses.  The use of art in therapy is intended to assist you better access your own inner knowledge and to help you come up with questions and ideas to help yo be the person you want to be. 

Sessions can be held in person if you reside south of Adelaide, South Australia, or online if you live anywhere in Australia and have access to a computer, laptop, or tablet and wifi.  Email InsideArts to discuss your requirements.  You'd be astonished at how adaptable we are.

Services can be funded through your NDIS plan.




Insightful practise reflection facilitated through Arts Psychotherapy Supervision, can help clinicians (such as counsellors, social workers, arts therapists, and occupational therapists) find new ways to comprehend their patients' lives. Appointments are usually conducted online. Contact Glenda to see if her approach might work for you.


About Glenda Needs

Glenda has been using the arts therapeutically for nearly 20 years. She has an extensive background in multimodal Arts Psychotherapy, both with diverse client populations and in an educational role. Glenda has an academic and practical background in counselling, drama, art, neuroscience, disability, clinical supervision, paediatric psycho-social palliative care and art psychotherapy, studying post graduate programs at RMIT in Melbourne and Flinders University in Adelaide.

Glenda runs her own Art Psychotherapy practice, providing both private and organization funded consultations. She also provides Clinical Supervision, teaches in Post Graduate Arts Psychotherapy, Counselling and Disability programs, and runs Professional Development for clinicians. Glenda has spent the past three years up-skilling Social Workers in Mongolia with Arts Psychotherapy training to support their work in disadvantaged communities in the region. She has served on many committees and reference groups to work at giving Art Therapies credibility, and a place in well-being and mental health services across Australia.  Glenda is a Professional ANZACATA member


About Raphael Sherriff

Raphael  is an independent tertiary trained Arts Psychotherapist consulting at the InsideArts Studio on Saturdays.  He is an ANZACATA member.  Raphael works with a wide range of clients experiencing a variety of emotional and psychological issues, including children, and clients with complex needs.  Raphael is available Saturdays and Thursdays.


About Gabby Wright

Gabby is a fully qualified Art Psychotherapist having completed her Bachelor degree in 2020. She is a member of ANZACATA. Gabby has experience working with people with cognitive and psychosocial disabilities including mood and personality disorders, and works from a trauma informed approach. She has also worked with many individuals on the autism spectrum and with those diagnosed with ADHD. “I delight in creating moments where the therapeutic approach meets play where I can support people to explore their inner world reflect on the past and express present moment experiences. That is what art therapy is about the experience. It is about creating a place for safe exploration reflection and healing. It is about trusting that you the client is the expert in your own life.” Gabby will be working from the Clarendon Inside Arts studio on Fridays.


About Karolina Lutkiewicz

Karolina completed her Art Therapy degree in 2022 and is InsideArts newest practitioner.  She has a calm and gentle approach believing all adults and children have an innate drive to thrive and be the best they can. She believes her role is to support her clients to find their inner warrior and to shine. Karo is Available Mondays and Tuesdays.

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"I felt that these pictures had something to say to me that was very important for me to know, but I could not tell what it was.... They gave me an emotion that I could not analyse. They said something that words were powerless to utter. I fancy that Strickland saw vaguely some spiritual meaning in material things that was so strange that he could only suggest it with halting symbols. It was as though he found in the chaos of the universe a new pattern, and were attempting clumsily, with anguish of soul, to set it down. I saw a tormented spirit striving for the release of expression."                                                                                                                                               W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon and Sixpence, 1919


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Online Supervision 60 minutes

60 min

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NDIS eligible Arts Therapy sessions

90 min

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Face to Face Arts Psychotherapy Service

90 min

Arts Psychotherapy sessions in the studio at Clarendon.

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Mid/End Placement review STUDENTS ONLY

30 min

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ONLINE Introductory information session - please email or call before booking

15 min

If you have had a preliminary chat, message or email with one of our clinicians, they have probably directed you here to make an appointment so we can discuss how we might be able to support you. If you have not contacted us before, please email con

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Time for you Group Program

120 min

Ongoing education and support for parents of chidden with unique needs. Raising a child with unique needs can be an absolute joy but can also be demanding and frustrating. Your child may struggle with communication, social interaction at school, fe


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