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Integral Freedom-Foundational Family Dynamics

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Foundational Family Dynamics (FFD) is an educational/treatment service, providing learning opportunities, diagnostic tools, and treatment options for restoring VITALITY and creating NEW life.

Services Available:
* In clinic/Online Personal/Family consultation.
* In clinic/Online Chinese Herbal Medicine consultation 
* In clinic Classical Acupuncture consultation
* In clinic/Online Optimum Wellness Coaching

FFD explores a dynamic, relational approach to wellness. FFD is gentle, respectful, and geared towards self-autonomy.

A service for
* Individuals,
* Current & prospective parents, 
* Grandparents and extended family
* Allied health support services

FFD works to both, physically and psychologically, create the optimum conditions for new life to grow. Vitality and new life can be seen in fertility, safe and happy pregnancies, smooth labour, and post-partum recovery, and in all forms of personal relationships.

FFD offers 'new' approaches to current services available for fertility, pregnancy, labour, post-partum and adult-child relationships, providing options and awareness to discern what is a good choice therapeutically for you and your children. 

FFD supports:

Fertility: Restoring vitality
Pre-Conception: Providing couples who are desiring to have a child with multiple ways to deepen the experience.
Pre-conception assessment: Women who have a history of miscarriage, previous difficult pregnancies, and/or labour/post-partum complications. FFD highly recommends a pre-conception assessment. Pregnancy requires that the baby grows from mum's resources, ensuring these resources are strong and vital is off great importance.
Pregnant now: Women who are already pregnant and experiencing physical, and/or psychological symptoms,
Post-Partum: Restoring vitality, encouraging lactation, family, relational dynamics.
Parent/Adult/Child relationships: For parents, carers, grandparents, extended family who are experiencing difficulties with child health, and/or relational issues from birth through to adolescence. 

FFD combines the experientially proven wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine with the ground-breaking work of Dr Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry. 

Classical Chinese Medicine has a knowledge of health and pregnancy quite distinct from what currently exists in western medical approaches. 

Classical Chinese Medicine clearly understands how to diagnose and apply treatments that support the vitality of both parents. A strong vitality will minimize complications in pregnancy/labour/and the Post-Partum period, and maximize the potential that the longevity, strength, and vitality a of each parent is passed onto their children.  Restoring vitality is NOT currently a component of western medical approaches to fertility and pregnancy. 

Our team

Paul Chapman

Top services

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Online Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation

90 min

Chinese Herbal medicines are perhaps one of the greatest tools available for preventative maintenance, and support for preexisting conditions. Dr Paul has twenty-eight years experience in offering Chinese Herbal Medicine support and guidance. Book yo

Service image

Classical Acupuncture - Balance Method - I Ching/Bagua - Stems & Branches

60 min

Book in for a comprehensive assessment of your current symptoms and your unique constitutional balance. From this we can determine what is the most effective treatment plan to achieve your wellness goals.

Service image

Foundational Family Dynamics

90 min

Thinking about having a baby? Already pregnant? Post-Birth and Early Childhood Development difficulties? Book in for a complete and comprehensive assessment to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs.Conscious parenting

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Design Your Dream Destiny (DDD)

90 min

YOU CAN breakthrough those obstacles. The ones that up until now you haven't been able to shift, no matter what you have tried. You can feel good about yourself, you can be confident; you can find love; you can find out if the new love in your life i

Service image

Online Optimum Wellness Coaching

105 min

Stuck in a rut! Whether you want to grow supportive relationships; Balance your emotions; Design your future; Find relief from a physical complaint; and/or Heal from the past, Dr Paul Chapman (CCM) has 40 years of experience in health care to dig int

Service image

Online Mentoring in I Ching/Bagua Treatments

120 min

Turn every treatment into a wonderful BaGua journey and master the art of timing. Correct timing is important in just about every area of life and perhaps none more so than in the practice of Acupuncture. Timing allows you to 'comprehend the pat

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Need some help! FREE online/tele-health guidance call.

45 min

Not sure how Integral Freedom/Foundational Family Dynamics can help you? How to choose what is best for you? Then book in for a FREE Online or Telephone guidance call with Dr Paul.Integral Freedom/Foundational Family Dynamics (IF/FFD) values your ind


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