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About the company

ARW SINDI BUSINESS CONSULTANCY (ASBC) is an organization that aims to help individuals and organizations achieve their highest potentials.


ASBC conceptualizes and conducts programs to improve productivity, efficiency, and team synergy. Some of these programs can be seminars, workshops, and trainings or we can tailor-made projects to suit the client’s needs.

ASBC also plans and conducts outreach activities or celebrations and events.

For seminars and workshops, we conduct them either ONSITE or OFFSITE.

ONSITE. You prepare your own venue and snacks, then we will come to conduct the workshop.  OFFSITE. We can prepare everything for you, then come and enjoy the workshop.





To help individuals and organizations achieve their highest potentials.





To be the top choice of individuals and organizations in helping them initiate or make positive changes in their processes, systems, or habits.




Ø  SeminarsØ  TrainingsØ  WorkshopsØ  Tailor-made ProgramsØ  Event Planning and Hosting

o   Parties

o   Celebrations

o   Team-buildings

o   Outreach Programs


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Top services

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GREAT LEADERSHIP: A Leadership Workshop for Students

300 min

G R E A T LEADERSHIP  is a fun, and interactive 5-h workshop that will help students boost their confidence and  be the best leader of themselves and a leader that others can easily and joyfully follow. Every Monday.  

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CREATIVITY and CONFIDENCE : A Workshop to Boost Creativity and Self-Esteem

300 min

CREATIVITY AND CONFIDENCE is a fun, and interactive 5-h workshop that will help you boost your self-esteem and to be creative and confident in reaching out for your dreams!   This workshop is available every Tuesday. You can have this works

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PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT : An Empowering Seminar for Women

300 min

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT is an empowering, interactive, and candid 5-h workshop for women that will help them show themselves love and kindness and to pursue their dreams and passion in life.   This workshop is available every Wednesday. You

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INTERPERSONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: An Empowering and Interactive Fun Seminar

480 min

INTERPERSONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT is an empowering, interactive, and fun seminar. It will help you enhance your interpersonal skills and develop your positive relationships with others.  This workshop is available every Thursday. You can have thi


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