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Irish Dancing Physical Fitness

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About the company

Peter O'Grady who is the founder of Irish Dancing Physical Fitness is known for using a very unique and very effective assessment which will tell you almost everything about a dancer. He can recognise a dancers faults & errors in relation to their dancing steps just by assessing a dancer.  He will recognise posture problems, stamina issues, leg extension issues, hip flexion issues, turnout issues and more without even seeing the dancer perform just to prove to you that his methods and understanding of the dancing body really works. He will tell you why these issues occur and he will tell you how they can be resolved.

Peter attends the biggest dancing majors of the year including the All-Ireland's, The NANS and the World Championships. He has built his name from nothing to the 'go to guy' if you have any flexibility issues or last-minute injuries that may be affecting your performance. He has miraculously fixed people in the past, who were told that they will not be able to dance for different reasons. These issues include ankle injuries, foot pain, hip pain or discomfort, knee pain, shin splints and the list goes on. He has also instantly improved a dancers performance by improving there movement and posture, making it easier for them to perfect steps. 

Peter has worked with and trained the best dancers in the world. His work with some dancers is very private which means that he cannot advertise his work as much as he would like to but somehow people still hear about the great work that he does. 

He looks forward to seeing you at the next 2 major events including the All-Irelands 2019 and the World Championships in Greensboro 2019. 

ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! Please book your slot as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Competition times are not confirmed yet but don't worry, we can change your appointment around later to suit! 

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Peter O'Grady

Top services

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Pre Event Treatment - This is not a massage! Please read the details before booking.

15 min

This is not a pre-event massage! Don't confuse the two. This treatment is usually done approx 1 hour before competition. It is the start of your movement preparation phase (warm-up). Increase the circulation of blood to the muscles to allow them to b

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Pre/Post Event Massage / Injury

30 min

A Post-event massage is done to decrease muscle soreness and/or cramping and to facilitate a faster return to practice after a dancing event. This is recommended for all dancers. A pre-event massage must be completed 24-72 hours before competition.

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Full Assessment & Program Only

45 min

Peter will conduct a full body assessments including strength testing, body alignment check, ROM Testing, recognize restrictions and limitations, Injury diagnosis and more. He will also design a program specific to your needs to fix areas which need

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Full Assessment, Treatment, Program and Report

60 min

Peter will meet with you 1-1. During this meeting, he will complete a full assessment, report and program for you. The treatment which is included will be used to treat any injuries old or new which you may have or to try to resolve any flexibility o


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