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About the company

Using methods that empower your dog to have both self confidence and impulse control in everyday life I will help you to both understand and train your dog. With these training methods you will be able to build the basics your dog looks to you for, a safe environment, its emotional welfare along with consistent and appropriate guidance. With these basics in place your dog with be able to cope with what life has to throw at them as well as being a loyal companion for many years. You can trust the methods used which are conducted under the APDT-UK code of ethics and are constantly kept up to date with continued studying on my part.

Please choose the service that suits you and your dogs needs. Select the service that you require, then the area that suits you and then you will be able to choose a suitable day and time that is currently available. Once you have booked the time slot, we will be in touch to discuss in more detail your specifics needs and take payment to secure your booking. If you cannot find a suitable day/time or you prefer to book over the phone, don't hesitate to call or email us directly. Payments can be made by most debit/credit cards. 

We look forward to training with you soon.


Positive 4 Paws Dog Training and Behaviour

Live Together, Learn Together and have fun together..

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Chichester and surrounding area

Portsmouth, Fareham and surrounding area

Havant, Waterlooville and surrounding area

Top services

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1-2-1 Sessions

60 min

Private sessions at your home to help you with any basic training. These sessions are designed around your specific requirement and needs. These sessions cover the basic training behaviours like sit's, downs, stays and others as well as basic impulse

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Puppy Home Starts

90 min

When your new edition arrive at home there is a lot of things that can develop quickly. Our dogs are always learning whether it is something we want them to learn or not. Consistency on our part is the key to an enjoyable start to a new life together

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Loose Lead Walking

60 min

A walk being pulled around the park is no fun for anyone including your dog. Using proven methods you will be shown how to train your dog to walk with a loose lead and you will be shown some skills to avoid reinforcing the pulling behaviour. Each

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Building a solid Recall

60 min

The recall is probably the most important cue we teach to our dogs. It can save their lives as well as avoid many difficult situations once learned. Using fun to train methods I will show you how to build a solid recall that will also build the bond

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Initial Assessment

90 min

During initial assessment session your dogs history and details will be taken as well as information about your general day to day life. We will discuss any concerns you have with their current behaviour. A training and management plan will be issued

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Behaviour Follow up Session

60 min

These sessions follow on from the Initial Session and cannot be booked without the Initial session being completed. They are a follow on to help you with implementing the training plan, getting over any issues that may arise and adjusting the trainin


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