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Mobile Medical Thermography Imaging, MMTI

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     Any test that looks for disease, even early, is an "after the fact" test; disease has already developed. Don't wait to detect disease; attempt to prevent it. You can do this with Thermography. Kristy is a Certified Clinical Thermographer with state of the art equipment to provide superior Thermographic images either in our office or in a location near you. Focus is placed on the comfort of your experience with semi-private, non-invasive, painless service....this while emitting NO radiation.

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Alexandria, New Hope Healing & Resource Center

Brainerd, Minnesota Living Waters Theraputic Massage

New Ulm, Minnesota MMTI Office

Springfield, A NU You Message Therapy & Botique

St. Cloud, Minnesota Edgewater Natural Family Medicine

St Paul, Minnesota Healing Hands Dr Barb Gettel

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Breast Imaging

60 min

Breast Imaging includes 8 images of your breasts and is approved by the FDA as an adjunct to mammography. We emit NO RADIATION, do NO COMPRESSION, and offer PRIVACY to our patients. Lets get a look at the function and check for areas of concern to

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Central Region Imaging

90 min

These images include head, breast , abdomen, and back including lower back and shoulders. These images cover everything excluding your extremities. Continuous use of x-ray is harmful which is why medical infrared thermography imaging offers a great

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Full Body Imaging

120 min

Sure, we are happy to provide breast images and central region images but have you considered a full-body image? We recommend a full body study if it is your first. This is then used as a baseline to always compare future imaging to. Our full-body

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Consult-no charge service

15 min

Do you have questions about the findings of your report? Can I help you with the terminology? If you would like to discuss your report, please schedule a time for our call or meeting.


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