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3volve Enterprise the destination for connection, creation, and creative endeavors.  

SWEAT & STACKED are both HIIT classes designed to get you moving, but Dimitrius is the guide to help you greater understand your value and self worth.  These themes are repeated in his monthly happy hour Sunday SIN Confessions, where he makes a unique cocktail while exchanging "war stories" of service industry jobs while discussing how to stay mindful in environments that cater to bad habits and drug use.

3vovle Enterprise will not only have you moving, drinking and laughing, they also provide other professional services such as video editing (specializing in dance, concept, and music videos,) music mixing, choreography, and creative direction.

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Sunday SIN Confessions

60 min

Grab a drink, grab the popcorn and join me as we discuss Service Industry fails with other professionals like myself. During this virtual happy hour, we will be making our own unique cocktails as we exchange "war stories" from places we've worked and

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60 min

Get ready to SWEAT to some of your favorite tracks in this HIIT dance class designed to help you burn calories, improve balance and increase cognitive function. Dimitrius will guide you through a great workout while keeping you mindful and making you

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60 min

Join me for my body toning, muscle building signature class STACKED. Using a vertical loading system as outlined by NASM, this total body workout will focus on exercising all the major muscle groups of the body using bodyweight and resistance bands,


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