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About the company

Ever wonder what your animal is thinking? Or why he or she is acting a certain way? I can tell you. I have the ability to communicate with your animals – those who are present, as well as those who have passed on. I can also work with you and your animals to identify and dissolve any emotional and / or spiritual causes of the behavioral and physical issues you are concerned about. Physical healings may also occur but they are incidental to the spiritual work I do. When the correct underlying spiritual / emotional block is released, I believe that any medical treatment used in conjunction to help your pet is also enhanced. I am highly skilled in long distance animal communication, which saves you the expense of meeting nose-to-nose! These same abilities also enable me to help you communicate with a pet which has passed on.

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Ellen Lance

Ellen - 10-Minute Free Introduction

Top services

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Free Introduction on How I Work

20 min

This free introductory 10-minute phone conversation is where you and I see if it would make sense for us to work together. If you're interested in an actual session with your pet, please check our regular services. Please Note: The free 10-minute

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40-Minute Conversation with your Pet (1 to 2 animals)

40 min

This option is ideal if you are trying to address a behavioral or food allergy issue with an individual pet, or you simply want to speak with two pets. (This option is not available if your pet is seriously ill or dying. If you are facing that typ

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60-Minute Conversation with your Pet (1 to 3 animals)

60 min

Selecting this option allows me to employ potent tools beyond just conversation to address issues that your pet is up against. Alternately, choose this option if you simply want to speak to up to three pets in your household.

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Emotional Clearing

60 min

Sometimes intensive work is needed with your pet to dissolve patterns related to destructive behavior or emotional roadblocks relating to your concerns. This kind of clearing is done off-phone and also includes follow-up communication with you at no

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Going Away or Moving?

10 min

This Special Situation Check-in service category is a great solution for owners who travel or who are moving with their pet. Check-ins may include Reiki energy session and light emotional processing if needed. 30 minute minimum per 7-day period

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If Your Pet is Seriously Ill or Dying...

45 min

In addition to facilitating communication between a pet and its owner during stressful events of this nature, I work long-distance with a hospitalized or transitioning pet to help things go as smoothly as possible. 45 minute minimum. More session

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Follow-up Session -- Seriously Ill or Dying Pet

45 min

Book this option if your pet's situation exceeds the amount of time described in "If Your Pet is Seriously Ill or Dying". Price is per 45 minute increment.

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Talk with Your Deceased Pet (per animal)

35 min

It is as easy for me to talk to an animal who has passed over as it is to communicate with one which still resides on the physical plane! These sessions are up to 35 minutes long.

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40-minute conversation (limit 2 pets)

60 min

These phone sessions are perfect for friends and family who have 2 pets or who just want a little more time with the 1 that they have! Email directly to set up an email of your gift certificate. You can purchase them via Venmo to

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60-minute conversation (1 to 3 pets)

60 min

This generous gift certificate option allows your friends & family to speak to up to 3 pets. It is the perfect gift if one or more of their beloved animals is/are facing behavioral issues,


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