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A unique experience where nature meets modernity. We offer panoramic views of the surrounding nature in a modern yet intimate translucent bubble dome. All domes are weather proof making the perfect accommodation for a rainy day picnic.

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Pop Up Picnic

180 min

Perfect for date night, girls day or a small intimate gathering of 2-4 people at the location of your choice: beach, park, or your backyard. Experience a modern picnic with panoramic views of nature. inside of a translucent bubble dome coupled with

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180 min

Whether it’s a bachelorette party or birthday celebration we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the beach, park or even your backyard without the harsh elements. Panoramic views from the interior of an occasion appropriate decorated translucent dome Package I

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Relaxation Mode

120 min

Get 2 hours at the location of your choice in the “Reading Room”. A translucent dome decorated to give the feel of a reading room : includes lounging accommodations. Bring your own snacks.

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60 min


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