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Fast Track Events (Asia)

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About the company

Fast Track Events is a global events management and entertainment company that provides a full range of services including concerts, grand opening, celebrity endorsements and celebrity special appearances.

Since 2012, we have staged a number of events and worked with celebrities across the globe including those of Korean acts such as B.A.P, BTS, Running Man Cast, international speakers Michael Franzese (Previously Captain of the New York Colombo Mafia Family), Jordon Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street), as well as international celebrity Donnie Yen, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and John Cena.

We also have experience working with global brands, to name a few- Singtel, Lazada, MediaPrima, Sony Pictures Network, CJ Entertainment & Media, Etude House and Bonia.

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Technological trends have shaped the new media and entertainment industries, ways to elevate brand image have evolved. Celebrity endorsement/engagement and live stream events are one of the ways for brand promotion, we believe in integrating technolo

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