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About the company

We provide professional video recordings for students, young artists and professional singers. These can be used as audition or promotional videos for your websites or social media.

Florent Mourier, piano

Alisdair Kitchen, videographer

Jan Capinski, videographer

What each package includes

Each option includes piano accompaniment, video recording/producing, venue and piano hire.

We want to make your recording experience as stress free as possible. All you need to do is book a slot with us and we will see you on the day. 

Florent will be in touch about repertoire and each option includes a short rehearsal/top and tail with him on the day. 

Florent, Alisdair and Jan believe that recordings are filmed performances so we will come extremely prepared and ready to provide you with all the support that you need on the day. 

Videos will match standard audition requirements, a complete take with one fixed camera angle. Alisdair and Jan will bring and operate all the necessary professional equipment and take care of all post-production, which comprises balancing and mixing the sound, colour grading the video, titles and performer information added to the video, finished video files (MP4 format) of each piece at 4K resolution. Videos will be sent to you via WeTransfer.

Recordings typically take place in South-East London.

In the unlikely event that there is a long gap between sessions on the same day, we may reserve the right to rearrange the timings of your recording session.

Please credit us if you display your videos publicly!

Cancellation policy 

We will charge for half of the cost of the booking for cancellations within 24 hours of the recording session.


Our team

Florent Mourier/Alisdair Kitchen

Florent Mourier/Jan Capinski

Florent Mourier/Joe Bolger

Top services

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Option A

60 min

Option A  - 1 hour - 2 arias/songs

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Option B

60 min

Option B - 1 hour - 3 arias/songs

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Option C

120 min

Option C - 2 hours - 3 arias/songs

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Option D

120 min

Option D - 2 hours - 4 arias/songs


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