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About the company

A little bit about K.Yellow Photography… K. Yellow Photography runs workshops and sessions that use the language of photography to bring people together and create wonderful experiences.   Taking place in Santorini and London, each workshop is set against a backdrop of stunning natural and urban landscapes, with routes designed for you to explore the beauty of the locations through your camera. 

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Photo sessions Santorini

60 min

A photoshoot in Santorini is unlike any other. Not because of where it is, but because of what it is.Santorini is a magical place. You can feel it when you’re there and you can read it in a photograph. The sun-bleached, whitewashed buildings ove

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Santorini Sunrise Stories

120 min

Goooooood morning, SantoriniIn the early morning, away from the calm of Santorini’s moonlit whitewashed buildings and winding pathways, beyond the jagged lines of volcanic islands in the distance, the sun makes its magical entrance. And while sunrise

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Half Day Santorini Photo Expedition

240 min

Picture the scene. It’s morning, Santorini is not yet in full swing, save for a few early risers milling around the bougainvillea-filled alleyways. The smell of Greek coffee and freshly baked bread is in the air. The smells reach you at the northern

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Full Day Santorini Photo Workshop

360 min

One day, two Santorinis...For most visitors to the island, there is one Santorini. That of rugged, volcanic landscape and whitewashed cubiform buildings that spill down cliffs overlooking red, black and white lava pebble beaches. For photographers, t

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Santorini Wine Tastings

90 min

Santorini is famous for its spectacular scenery and beautiful wine. A wine tasting combining the two just makes sense. The sights, the sounds, and the tastes... Starting at the time that you wish (i recommend around 6-7pm) we’ll spend 1,5 h


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