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LLI is a state-wide, 4-year leadership program that inspires and prepares high school students for college and professional success through legally-based curricula and leadership training. Students attend summer and academic year sessions where they build friendships and mentor-relationships that last a lifetime. Students graduate from LLI prepared to succeed in college with a support network that continues long after the program ends. 

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CINCINNATI - 8th graders

CLEVELAND - 8th graders

COLUMBUS - 8th graders

DAYTON - 8th graders

TOLEDO - 8th graders

AKRON - 8th graders

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35 Min Presentation to a Single Class or Small Group of Students

35 min

The LLI representative will be presenting to one class period, or a small group of students from across the school that I have selected. A Laptop cart or computer lab is suggested for this group.

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35 Min Presentation - Assembly Style - Entire Grade

35 min

The LLI representative will be presenting, assembly style, to all students in the grade-level. A computer lab should be available to take select students to submit more information.

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35 Min Presentation to Multiple Class Periods - Day Long

480 min

The LLI representative will be giving multiple presentations, one to each of my class periods throughout the school day. Access to laptop cart or computer lab is ideal for this presentation.

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A Different Presentation Format

35 min

I would like an LLI representative to come to my school, but had something else in mind than the presentation formats listed. Select an hour time block that works for you on the following page and then describe your desired format and an LLI represen


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