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About the company

If hiking is something you love, your visit to Gibraltar can offer you some amazing options. One of such hikes, that is not without risks nor for the faint hearted is the Mediterranean Steps. Though not for those who are out of shape or a fear of heights, the Mediterranean steps offer you the chance to combine a good long hike, with incredible views along with a bit of thrill thrown in.

The history of the Mediterranean Steps is as unique as the area itself, and as much involved with the defences of the area as many of the other attractions of Gibraltar. They were created back in the 18th century by the British military as part of a system of communication for soldiers to allow access to the various defence posts at the southern end of the Rock. These included Levant, Martin’s, O’Hara’s and Lord Airey’s Batteries, as well as several other gun emplacements and ancillary buildings dating back to World War II.

Interesting Fact

It’s amazing to think that both Martin’s Cave and the Goat’s Hair Twin Caves were all at some point in history, lying at sea level, now and incredible 210 metres below!

Med Steps is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Buffer Zone of Gorham's Cave.

This is the only Guided Tour of Med Steps with an official Tour Guide... who also happens to be First Aid Trained! 

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Med Steps Official Tour Guide

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Standard Tour

120 min

2 Hours Carbon Neutral Guided TourThis option is a 2 hour Private Guided Tour that will enlighten your mindset and also create a sense of achievement after we reach the summit. NOTE: Participants are advised tat the trail/steps is 1,800 met

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Corporate/Organisation Tour

120 min

Product Details2 Hours Carbon Neutral TourMax 10 ParticipantsGreat option for organisations to use as part of their Team Building Exercise. This Tour will merge the Educational and Physical Experience into one that will also contribute to reducing th


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