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上海服装体验中心 Shanghai Apparel Experience Center

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在这个科技与资讯日新月异的时代,上海服装体验中心 - SHAEC作为服装界的枢纽,聚集了服装界现时最先进的科技和资讯,还会不定时举办不同的活动。只要身处SHAEC,访客们便能率先感受时尚的潮流。 In this ever-changing era of technology and information, Shanghai Apparel Experience Center (SHAEC) acts as the hub of the fashion industry, leading to gathers the edge-cutting technologies in the apparel industry and organizes various events. In SHAEC, visitors can be the first to feel the fashion trend.

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ALVASCAN 3D Body Scan三维人体扫描

15 min

体验ALVASCAN最新三维人体扫描技术,只需填写一份简单问卷,换上扫描服并进行扫描,过程只需要约十五分钟。Experience the latest ALVASCAN 3D body scan technologies. All you need is to fill in a simple survey, change our scan suits and scan. The whole process only takes about 15 minutes.

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3D体验服装科技工作坊 Experience 3D Apparel Technology Workshop

240 min

介绍和展示时尚行业的3D设计与产品开发。通过数字化,快速呈现设计想法。同时进入AlvaSpace体型空间站,“三秒”知身型,塑造合身未来。 In this workshop, we will show you 3D design and development for the fashion industry. Through digitalization, one is able to design, create and see their ideas come to life in a s

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Alvanon试衣工作室 Fit Studio

180 min

Alvanon试衣工作室提供覆盖女装、男装及童装核心体型的标准人台,邀请合作伙伴预约享受试衣服务 The Alvanon Fit Studio provides a space for designers and businesses to come and use a selection of our full form mannequins for their fit sessions. We have a wide range of Childrens, Womens, Intimate


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