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The Center For Confidence, LLC

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About the company

We are a professional coaching firm focused on developing more confident leaders. We exist to create high achievers and business performers. We are passionate about teaching others how to be successful, including people into our vision to develop SuperLeaders, forming relationships with talented people, learning how we can connect each other to opportunities that create more fulfilling experiences, and putting the strategies in place to help you reach your individual and organizational goals.
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Facebook @TheCenterForConfidence
Twitter @cent4confidence

Our team

The Center For Confidence, LLC

Dr. Asha Jaleel

Dr. V (Valecia Dunbar)

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Life/Business Coaching Complimentary Introduction Session (First Time Coaching Clients Choose this Option)

60 min

Complimentary Session for New Coaching Clients

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Academic Life Coaching

60 min

Academic Life & Leadership Coaching (ALLC) helps students gain life skills and leadership tools to better understand themselves as individuals and empower them with better decisions. ALLC addresses the most challenging aspects of being a teen and you

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60 min

Business Operations or Personnel Appointment


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