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About the company

Welcome to Philanthrolab Science Shop LLC  Booking Website
A Fundraiser & Science Experience for Young Minds - Inspiring one young mind at a time.

We are a Pre-order Sale &  Pop-Up Shop that will come set up at your school, club, or event within the Greater Tampa Bay area to inspire young minds with science related toys to raise funds for your cause. We provide both online & offline sales to provide the best shopping experience for all families.

Starting 2019: Book Birthday Parties or Private Homeschool/Preschool Science Lessons with a Certified Teacher with a decade of experience as a Teacher, Tutor, & Science Education Curriculum Developer. A Science Experience is a 45 minute class for participating children 10 & under. 12 Theme Options available. Click Book Now to get started. 

Check out pictures, videos, events, and product for sale through our facebook page  

Shop on the online store 

Please Read before you book a Fundraiser.
By clicking Book Now you agree with the following terms and agreement:

First, you will choose your fundraiser service. 
Any choice* you get 20% of the net sales in either money or merchandise! Choose one of the following:

I. Multiple Day Pre-Order Sale - Participants order directly from the online store with a code. Now introducing a Code Card for the 2019/2020 school year. Every student will receive the customized card. We have eliminated the paper catalog and encourage families to use their code card to shop directly online. This also eliminates orders being returned back to the school. We will gladly keep the code active the entire year to allow families to conveniently shop and raise funds for your school.

Schools can Earn a GlowLAB Science Sensory Celebration for free! Each student who purchases at least $30 in product will be able to participate in this incentive experience. 

II. 1-Day Pop-Up Event Sale - We sell our toys for you. This could be a sale at Open House, Curriculum Night, School Festival, etc.

III. COMBO option that includes both services.

IV. Pre-Order Sale or Pop-Up + Private Science Activity. Participants order directly from the online store with a code and a 45-minute Science Activity facilitated by a Certified Teacher. *This choice provides only 10% of the net sales.

V. A Science Experience

 (Homeschool/Preschool/Birthday Party/ Private Science Lesson) This option includes a Certified Teacher to teach and demonstrate a Science Activity for 45 minutes. Suited best for children 10 and under. Choose from 12 different option packages. Prices start at $125 for upto 16 guests. For each additional guest is $7.50. Participants will receive a goodie bag. Customized parties outside of the option list start at $150.

Secondly, choose a date and time for your SETUP.

I. For the Multiple Day Pre-Order Sale Philanthrolab will bring your Code Cards at your chosen date & timeNote: When Booking, select the first day of your sale, you will specify your last day on the information page. Your event sale may run through the entire school year.

II. For a 1-Day Event Sale, Philanthrolab will set up a Pop-Up store to sell science toys to your participants that day. When Booking, choose the date and hour that your event will start. Philanthrolab will need at least 1 hour prior to set up.

III. For the COMBO option, choose the date and time that your Pre-Order Sale will start. This is the first day of the Pre-Order Sale (This can be the same day as your Pop-Up Shop event sale). Note: You will specify on what date and hours is the 1-Day Pop Up Sale and the last day of the Pre-Order Sale on the information page.

For IV: For the Pre-Order/Pop-Up Fundraiser + Science Class option, choose the date & time of when you would want the activity to be scheduled. Philanthrolab will need 30 minutes prior and after to set up/pack up. 

V. A Science Experience (Birthday Party / Private Science Lesson for Homeschool/Preschool) Choose your start time. If time is not listed and date is available, please contact directly at Please note: setup and breakdown will occur 30 minutes prior & after Science Experience class. 

Finally, we need the name of your representative (payment collector)phone number, email, name of school or group, address of school or event location, how many students in the school or club, and any special directions.

Once you book Philanthrolab Science Shop, you will receive a confirmation email & we will review your event and contact you by email with a Contract of Fundraiser Service. 

Here is some additional information for your Pre-Order Sale fundraiser:

There is no set-up cost.It is not necessary to have extra volunteers either. One person will do! A representative for the sale will need to distribute Code Cards to students.We will accept cash, check, or credit card, at the pop-up sales. Sales will be processed with our online store with a store code. The store code is found on the Code Card and is necessary to give your organization their earned sales credit and the customer free shipping. The product will be delivered to the sale location (school). We service all of Tampa Bay, please allow 4 weeks to receive orders. Orders will have Student Name, Grade, and Teacher name to ensure delivery. Only subsriptions will be mailed via USPS to the purchaser's address.Sales Tax is included in pricing on Online Store and during the Pop-Up Sales.We will provide a standard 20%* of sales to your organization! You may choose to receive the portion of the sale with a check or equal value in merchandise. (*10% for option including Science Activity).

Any questions or special requests? Please contact us.

If you have read and agree with these terms click on Book Now to schedule Philanthrolab Science Shop!

Our team

Philanthrolab Science Shop LLC

Top services

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Multiple Day Fundraising Event; Pre-Order Sale

15 min

This service is for a multiple day pre-order Sale. Philanthrolab will come set up a display of merchandise at your school, club, or event to inspire and excite young minds with science related toys while raising funds for your cause. Students, staff,

Service image

1-Day Fundraising Event; Pop-Up Sale

15 min

This service is for the 1-Day Pop-Up Sale. Philanthrolab will come set up merchandise at your school, club, or event to inspire and excite young minds with science related toys while raising funds for your cause. Students, staff, and participants may

Service image

COMBO: Multiple Day with 1-Day Fundraising Event (SCHOOL ONLY)

15 min

This service is for a multiple day pre-order Pop-Up Shop with a 1-DAY Fundraising Event. Philanthrolab will come set up merchandise at your school, club, or event. Students, staff, and participants may shop and purchase merchandise during hours of sa

Service image

Homeschool Online Fundraiser + Science Activity (Greater Tampa Bay Market Only)

45 min

This service is for an ONLINE ONLY pre-order Sale for local groups within the Greater Tampa Bay market (This includes Pinellas and surrounding counties only). Philanthrolab Science Shop will provide the group an online code to a group representative.

Service image

Private Science Activity (Preschool, Homeschool, or Birthday Party)

45 min

This option includes a Certified Teacher to teach and demonstrate a Science Activity for 45 minutes. Suited best for Birthday Parties, Private Events or for an extended learning experience for public, private, or homeschooling students with children


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