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Looking for XXX Entertainment for your private events and birthdays? Book with us !

Click the BOOK NOW button ABOVE

We offer 4 different event plans depending on the number of entertainers you would like to perform. 

It is $200 for each entertainer. 

If you are looking to book more than one girl for your event or birthday party please always choose our TRIPLE THREAT or STRIPPER SPECIAL package.

You must ALWAYS choose the first entertainer you would like for your event.

If you would only like 1. Please choose our BIRTHDAY PACKAGE X1, even if it is not a birthday event. 

Once you have picked your 1st girl, set the times & date of your event, leave your name, number, email, and agree to our terms & conditions

Our event manager will TEXT/CALL you to pick the last remaining girls on your package. Goodluck !

We look forward to carrying for your event <3

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Stripper Special x4

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Birthday Party X1

180 min

1 entertainer of your choosing Birthday Balloons

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Birthday Party x2

180 min

2 Entertainers of you choice. Birthday Balloons.

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Triple Threat x3

180 min

Our house dancers IG @thetemptresstales @_bigbajan_ @Iamlenox6

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Stripper Special x4

180 min

4 entertainers of your choice


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