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About the company

Paper Trail Professions is a résumé service dedicated to bringing growth and expansion in terms of career to our communities. Our main focus is getting our clients into spaces that allow them to expand their career and education. We are committed to putting all of our clients positive attributes on display to ensure they will not be overlooked in the job market. We prioritize client satisfaction. 

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Mari Hendo

Top services

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Targeted Resume

240 min

A targeted résumé, is a résumé specifically tailored for the job that you want to secure due to being framed to a specific job position, a targeted résumé has a higher chance of passing both the HR manual selection process, and the automatic ATS syst

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Chronological Resume

180 min

A chronological résumé is a standard résumé format that lists your work history in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent job, listed at the top in each previous position in descending order. The chronological résumé continues to

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Cover Letter

120 min

A concise and compelling cover letter is your first chance to stand out, and be considered a strong candidate amongst tough competition. Immediately, emphasizing your key strengths will help sell you grabbing the readers attention and increases the l

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Interview Preparation

30 min

Congratulations! You have made it to the interview process. The most important step to securing a position is being prepared for your interview. By doing some preparation you’ll feel more in control and will appear cool, calm and collected as a

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LinkedIn Profile Revamp

720 min

LinkedIn houses more than 600 million professional profiles, which means nearly an unlimited supply of network connections in job opportunities. From seeking a new job to maintaining your personal brand using LinkedIn is an important part of being a

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Recent College Graduate Resume

60 min

Our Recent College Graduate Resume service is designed specifically for new graduates who are seeking entry-level positions. We understand the importance of showcasing your accomplishments, accolades, and skills to stand out in a competitive job mark

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Automated job Application Applier

60 min

With this package we will apply to 5 positions for you. Applying to jobs can be very tedious and time consuming. Just as your résumé is very important in getting hired, so is your application. We will ensure to broadcast your skills in the most profe

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Pay Stubs

60 min

A pay stub, also known as a paycheck stub or pay slip, is the document that itemizes how much employees are paid. You will receive a pay stub for each pay period. It shows your total earnings for the&

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Bank Statement Form

60 min

Lenders look at bank statements before they issue you a loan because the statements summarize and verify your income. Your bank statement also shows your lender how much money comes into your account and,


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