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About the company

Our services are for people who would like to learn about reconnecting with the natural world, recovering Original Practices of investigating how we lost our close connection with the Creation and how to function with it again. The mission of the Xolistic Health Center, led by Ikaro Phoenix, is to introduce people to Wise ways of interacting with our natural world to help recover the outer-harmony of the system as well as our own inner harmony.

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Top services

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Complimentary 1 Hr. Holistic Phone Consultation

60 min

A holistic health consultation introduces you to services provided at the Xolistic Health Center to help determine if they are empathetic with your needs and can be of benefit.

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Personalized Insights and Awareness Guidance Sessions (aka Coaching in the Art of Recapitulation)

60 min

The first session is focused on guiding you through a process of self-inventory of life events that will bring your attention to those moments in which your luminous body and being was vibrationally impacted in various degrees, thus causing the disru

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Xolar Vibronics Lifestyle Balance and Transitioning Sessions

90 min

These sessions were created to facilitate a natural transition into a healthy auspicious lifestyle specific for each individual that has been leading a stressful, chaotic life — mainly caused by routinary and artificial habits, harmful environments a


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