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About the company

Have kids, need sleep? Or just generally tired of being tired?

If you're a parent of a child who doesn't sleep well, I can help!

If it's you who is having the sleep issue, I can help you there too. I offer a number of gentle customised solutions to work in with you and your family, whatever the age. 

Healthy sleep habits ARE achievable, often with less stress and in less time than you may think. Let's talk. Because there's no time like the present.

Currently I'm offering:

FREE 15-minute sleep evaluation initial calls $55 Express calls (20 minutes)  $95 "Ask Me Anything" calls (30 minute call + email)    

During a FREE call we'll briefly discuss your sleep concerns. I will try and give you some quick pointers and discuss ways in which I can help. I'll briefly outline my methods and the most suitable package for you.

The paid calls work well for advice on specific sleep issues. However, they may not always be enough to solve more complex issues; that is what my customised sleep plans, 90-minute consultations and follow-up support are designed for. 

Once you have booked a paid call you will be sent an invoice via email. This invoice will need to be paid prior to your call unless otherwise arranged.

If you're interested in my full Sleep Packages for more complex sleep issues, please book in the free initial 15 minute call and I'll happily tell you more OR check out I have options to suit all budgets, not all are on my website yet.

I look forward to calling you soon. Because everyone needs a good night's sleep!

Our team

Kim Corley

Top services

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Your 15-minute sleep evaluation - Free

15 min

If you're having numerous sleep issues, or just don't know where to start with sleep, this is the call to pick. During your FREE 15 minute phone evaluation we'll discuss your child's sle

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20-minute Cherished Express Call - $55.00

15 min

This 20-minute advice call helps with sleep complications due to developmental stages or small sleep issues. You can literally ask me anything and I will share the information I share with my one-on-one clients. Please do note "how do I teach a chi

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"Ask Me Anything" Call - $95.00 (includes email)

30 min

This 30-minute call lets you ask me any questions you have around sleep. Whether it be how to fix early mornings, how to help your child take longer naps, stop bedtime battles or how to make the most of upcoming travel without throwing the whole sch

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Your FREE 30-minute sleep discovery call

30 min

Are you ready to make positive changes to your child’s sleep habits? - To enjoy bedtime with no struggle - To have your child sleeping through the night - To see longer daytime naps - To have the chance to go out more often - To finally have a


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