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About the company

Welcome to the Kentucky Department of Corrections Owensboro Area Reentry Employment Services. As the area's Reentry Employment Program Administrator this office will be the point of contact for employment and coaching while justice-involved individuals navigate successful reentry into society.

Getting to the KORE of the problem

The Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE) is to implement a comprehensive targeted response to Kentucky’s opioid crisis by expanding access to a full continuum of high quality, evidence-based opioid prevention, treatment, recovery, and harm reduction services and supports in high-risk geographic regions of the state. Informed by data on populations most in need.

KORE's target populations include persons who have survived an opioid-related overdose, pregnant and parenting women, justice-involved individuals, children, transition-age youth, and families.

KORE offers Kentucky an opportunity to dedicate much-needed resources to address five overarching goals:

Preventing opioid misuse and abuse; Increasing access to OUD treatment services, including Medication- Assisted Treatment; Increasing the availability of recovery support services designed to improve treatment access and retention and support long-term recovery; Increasing the availability of naloxone; and Enhancing statewide coordination and evaluation of healthcare and public safety strategies targeting opioid misuse and overdose.

A comprehensive performance assessment system will support ongoing evaluation of progress against proposed goals, objectives, and activities and guide continuous quality improvement efforts. Though a multifaceted and complex response is necessary, Kentucky’s singular focus is to end the opioid epidemic and to save lives.


Offer a complete Person-Centered Employment Planning interviewLocate and referral to real job leadsCoaching and assistance in resume and interview techniquesReferral to needed services and providers based upon individual needsFeedback on goal setting to improve and enhance your employabilityA follow-up to see how you are doing at work and in reentryGuidance in becoming a successful citizen and restoring your life.


All of our services are provided via KORE grant fundingAccess to an applicant base that is willing and ready to prove themselvesReferral of clients who meet the needs of your job postingOpportunity to help make our community betterAccess to FREE bonding program from the federal governmentAccess to Work Opportunity Tax Credit for each justice-involved hireAbility to set specific customized requirements on your position requirements.Reduced cost of having to re-hire and re-train for some of the hard to work positionsAn open mind on how to make the entire hiring process better.

Our team

Jim Acquaviva - Reentry Employment Program Administrator

Top services

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Person-Centered Employment Planning

30 min

Welcome to the Kentucky Department of Corrections Reentry Division. As the area's Reentry Employment Program Administrator this office will be your point of contact for employment and coaching while you navigate your reentry into society. Here we w

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Job Search Coaching

30 min

Here is where we will help you review and work on your resume and review the most effective ways for you to find employment. In some cases, we may have specific companies looking to hire justice involved clients. Whatever the need in your job search

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ABC's of job success and Follow-up

30 min

When it comes to finding work sometimes it has to be done in stages, or as we say the ABC's of job hunting;A - Get A job B - Get a Better job C - Find you

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Community Partnerships

30 min

The essence of success for the justice-involved population in our community is the active participation of area employers. Those partnerships will be built on a relationship of trust and teamwork. Working together with the Owensboro Area Reentry Empl


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