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About the company

Massage Therapy can provide everything from deep relaxation to pain management.

I focus on clients who are experiencing pain or discomfort,  or are rehabilitating from an injury.  I evaluate each client to understand their individual needs and goals for the current session as well as future sessions.

I am proficient in a variety of Massage modalities :

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is an extremely effective means of releasing chronic pain or tension in the body.  The connective tissue of the body whether through direct injury or chronic holding patterns can become damaged.  With that damage, the tissue becomes shortened and thickened, causing pain in all directions and pulling underlying structures out of alignment thereby laying the foundation for chronic pain and tension and for feelings of pain in an area that is distant from the original site of tension.

A Deep Tissue Massage uses slow, firm pressure directed at the deep layers of the muscle where tissue has been damaged.  Deep Tissue massage helps to lengthen shortened muscle fibers, breaking up thickened areas and helping the tissue regain proper elasticity.  Deep Tissue is also effective for breaking down scar tissue and muscle adhesions even on injuries that have occurred many years ago. Proper blood and oxygen flow is brought back to the tight muscles.  The toxins that have been stored in those muscles are helped release.

It is normal for some soreness to occur after a Deep Tissue massage. Your therapist will show you stretching techniques that will aid in your healing process and you will also be reminded to drink plenty of water.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is an important part of training for any athlete, whether the most competitive athlete training for a triathlon or the more casual athlete who exercises more sporadically or even just on the weekend.  Sports Massage helps prevent injury by keeping muscles mobile and elastic. Your recovery time will be shortened since massage helps oxygen and nutrients flow, flushing out toxins in muscles that have been pushed hard. If you are working through an injury, Sports Massage helps speed up recovery time.  When left untreated, an injury can cause a build up of scar tissue, affecting injured tissue as well as spreading to healthy tissue. Sports Massage uses techniques to break down that scar tissue to prevent further pain and additional injury.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release focuses on the fascia, or connective tissue of the muscle.  When connective tissue is tight, underlying structures of the body are pulled, thereby adversely affecting posture and causing pain and tension.  Myofascial Release uses techniques that work with the grain of the fiber to lengthen the connective tissue and help release superficial fascia from the underlying tissue.  Techniques are also applied against the grain of the muscle fibers so that scar tissue and adhesions are broken and fibers are realigned.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Points are areas located in skeletal muscle that manifest as nodules or “knots” in the taut muscle fibers.  These small contraction knots form when muscles are chronically tight, due to stress, injury, postural misalignment, holding patterns, or trauma.  When active, trigger points can be extremely painful and can refer pain to other areas of the body outside of where the trigger point is located.

Trigger Point Therapy is an effective means of helping the taut muscle band let go and release the contraction knot it is holding.  When compressed, trigger points can elicit pain and/or spasming in the area being compressed as well as in other seemingly non-related parts of the body.  Direct pressure to the trigger point allows the nodule to release and the muscle fibers to lengthen and realign properly, restoring elasticity and mobility to the muscle fibers and drastically decreasing feelings of pain and tension.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is applied to the more superficial layers of the muscle. Swedish strokes knead and use friction as well as firmly or lightly glide over muscle tissue.  Your therapist may also incorporate the use of active or passive joint movement. Swedish Massage stimulates both the circulatory system by returning blood flow to the heart as well as the lymphatic system by flushing out wastes and toxic debris.  At Massage Therapy of Boston, Swedish Massage strokes may be incorporated into sessions in order to help flush out tight muscles after deep strokes have been applied.

Pre-natal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a form of therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the unique needs of the mother-to- be. While beneficial throughout a woman’s pregnancy, prenatal massage can be especially beneficial in the second and third trimesters when the extra weight in your belly can cause a variety of discomforts such as low back pain, upper back pain, headaches, leg cramping, sacroiliac and hip pain, and general fatigue

Prenatal massage can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and alleviate muscle aches and joint pains. Since massage stimulates the lymphatic system to flush out waste in the body, prenatal massage can be very effective for helping to reduce edema, or swelling of the joints, that often occurs during pregnancy. Many pregnant women also report that they are able to sleep much better when prenatal massage is a regular part of their prenatal care.


Below is a list of conditions that can improve with massage therapy:

Frozen shoulder, Tendonitis, Pain, Headaches, Plantar Fascitis, Back Pain

Chronic Pain, Stress, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Neck Pain, Postural Imbalances

Tennis Elbow, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Sports Injuries                         

Myofascial Pain, Sciatica, Sore muscles, Fluid Retention

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