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About the company

Welcome to the online appointment booking website for Associates and family members of Honda of South Carolina.  

We are here to serve you with quality care for your health and wellness needs. 

Meet our team!  Our team is comprised of two full-time registered nurses and one full-time nurse practitioner.  Kathleen Sinclair, RN, COHN, COHC is a Registered Nurse that has been at the Honda of South Carolina Health Clinic for many years. She is certified in Occupational Nursing and Hearing Conservation. She is an essential component to our team in managing associate injuries and sickness.  Tasha Broach, FNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner that started with our team in 2015.  She works with dependents over the age of 2, associates, and spouses.  She has been a key component in managing associates health and wellness and enjoys focusing on prevention.  Bill Sherman, RN, BSN, is a full-time registered nurse that has been working in occupational health for over 15 years.  He also has many years of experience in emergency room care. He is certified in hearing conservation and can conduct annual hearing tests.

Our team

Tasha Broach, NP, APRN

Top services

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Sick Visit

30 min

For associates and family members. We have a couple of over-the-counter medications available. If deemed necessary, the nurse practitioner will provide a prescription after examination.

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30 min

Includes wart removal, skin tag or mole removal, staple or stitch removal, wound incision and drainage. Procedures should be booked prior to or after your scheduled shift.

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30 min

Most insurance plans cover one annual physical per calendar year. Sports physicals will be charged for the co-payment amount. Please bring the appropriate forms needed for sports physical.


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