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About the company

"Vision changes depending on who make it."

i.Holics, who is a qualified Optical Dispenser in Australia and professional Optician by Bachelor & Master Optometry in South Korea. Our special experiences makes quite a big differentiation compared with other Optometrist. Thinking about it, even same prescription by Optometrist, your vision over the glasses will be quite different depending who make your glasses. In addition, your fitting is not comfortable, because you didn't meet a professional Optician who is perfectly understand frame materials and design. 

Professional Optician, i.Holics, provides a very special services to make perfect glasses fit.

Consultation your eye test result and explain your eye condition accordingly your prescription.Analysis your visual habits.Help to choose correct frame to suit your face and style.
Recommend what kinds of lenses are the best for your life style.Precisely measurement for your individual face shape.Fantastic frame adjustment for the best fitting on your face.

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60 min

With our various experiences since 2000 in Kwang-hwa-moon, Seoul, South Korea as an Optician and working at the ophthalmic lens manufacturers in the world best (ZEISS, ESSILOR, CooperVision), we can fully understand what lens design is the best


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