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10 years ago, our business started booming and we were all of a sudden understaffed. We needed to add members to our team fast but, instead of putting up a job ad in the papers; we decided to think outside the box and take a leap of faith. We hired an online virtual assistant from one direct sourcing platform to another - Upwork, Elance, Onlinejobs.ph and Fiverr. It was a needle in a haystack but the vacancy was eventually filled but we had to invest in time training to get the job done the way we wanted. After successfully training our virtual assistants, friends started asking where we found them, and from there sourcing the best Virtual Assistants became our passion. We learned the ins and outs of sourcing VAs, developed our very own recruitment team, training team and monitoring process that worked well for us, and started helping our friends and their businesses. This was the dawn of 20Four7VA.

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