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Albanian College Durres

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About the company

At Albanian College Durres, we value community and strive to create a positive learning environment where all stakeholders feel valued and respected. We actively encourage our students to take responsibility for their learning and guide them to set goals so they can achieve their aspirations. This school looks to the future with a mind to develop leaders that are ethical and passionate to create a better world for all.

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Rachael Burleson

LeeAnn Schmelzenbach

Kim Adams

Tia Rogers

Jefferson Speers

Sarah Cleveland

Cooper Franks

Andrea Anza

Ben Haase

Robert Cypher

Anisa Bejdo

Edva Berdaku

Rebecca Bowery

Shinhee Kim

Anamaria Mark

Darin Markwardt

Bart Mingielewicz

Maria Codina

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