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About the company

Holistic Massage Therapist providing a friendly and caring service, specific to your needs, in a relaxing treatment room at my home, for women only.

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30 Minute Holistic Massage

30 min

Holistic Massage Got an issue? Busy Life? Only want a specific part of your body massaged? Do not need the full hour? Please contact me, lets talk about how I can help.* First session will run 10 minutes longer as this will be the consultation,

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CBD oil - 1 Hour Holistic Massage

60 min

Customised treatment using organic CBD massage oil. This massage is dedicated to targeting pain, inflammation, fatigue and speeding up the process of healing and recovery. Great for people wanting to de-stress and eliminate pain.

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Back/Neck and Shoulder Holistic Massage

40 min

40 min massage using long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and vibration also working on trigger points that are located, direct pressure is applied to release them. 

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CBD oil - Back/Neck and shoulder Holistic massage

40 min

The new CBD massage provides benefits that include increased collagen production, anti-inflammation, pain reduction, relaxation and overall improved skin health.

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Aromatouch Massage

45 min

The AromaTouch Technique is a unique and powerful essential oil experience. The technique uses doTERRA pure essential oils in a precise sequence applied with a light touch massage on the back and firmer touch on the soles of the feet. The AromaT

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Indian Head Massage

45 min

Indian head massageThis massage would include - upper back, shoulders,neck, scalp and facial acupressure massage.Benefits of Indian head massage -Relief from pain & stiffness in the muscles.Increased energy levels.Relief from tension headach

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90min Full Body Holistic Massage

90 min

Full Body Holistic MassageWith this service I will be giving greater attention to your much needed areas after our initial consultation. I will consider your lifestyle, stresses, and strains to create a personalised massage specifically for you and y

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1 Hour Holistic Massage

60 min

Holistic MassageTreatment decided between client and myself after our initial consultation. Alternatively if you know what you want just let me know.* First session will run 10 minutes longer as this will be the consultation, and you still get y


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