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About the company

As the Founder of Alchemy of Light, Marina has dedicated her life to the field of soul, mind and body connection. Her approach focuses on remembering that healing is but a means of coming back to one's true Self. She has been referred to as a “Spiritual Alchemist” making the invisible tangible and beautifully unveiling the wealth of well-being that is available to us all. Marina's Alchemy of Light empowers people to live happy, healthy, and purposeful lives. As a spiritual healer and intuitive, Marina offers services that address everyday obstacles whether physical, emotional or spiritual, Alchemy of Light brings healing, hope and balance. Her gracious and powerful approach provides a personal spiritual path, a deeper understanding of our relationship and oneness with the Universe, and a connected and joyful approach to daily "showing up' in our lives with a renewed zest and passion!

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Marina Hubbard

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Skype or Phone - Alchemy Healing Session (1 Hour $150)

60 min

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Skype or Phone Angel Guidance Session (30 minutes $90)

30 min

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Skype or Phone Angel Guidance Session- (1 hour $150)

60 min

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Alchemy Healing Session- (1 HOUR in Person $150)

60 min

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Angel Guidance Session- (1 hour in person $150)

60 min


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