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About the company

Training Details:

This badminton coaching focusses on player's fundamentals and advance from one technique to another. This training style benefits the complete beginners as well as players with varying skill levels. It is great for players who want to practice for a compact time period and get and an excellent workout. Training content includes physical exercise, footworks, and various badminton techniques.


Our coaches are professional badminton athletes, who have won numerous national and international competitions. They also have extensive experience coaching kids, adults, in 1 on 1 or group training style.

Welcome to check on the website of lead badminton training coach:

Venue and time:

Training location at Silverwater, Homebush and Botany. Training time usually on weekdays evening and Saturday. Venue and time are flexible and please check our website for details (

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Sylvinna Kurniawan

Group lesson: Student 1 out of 4

Group lesson: Student 2 out of 4

Group lesson: Student 3 out of 4

Group lesson: Student 4 out of 4

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Private 1:1 Coaching

60 min

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Group Coaching

60 min

Group coaching (up to 4 students per 60mins session).

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