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About the company

I have been reading tarot intuitively for ten years. After learning how to read the tarot from my mother at age 15, I continued to learn on my own and started reading for friends in college. I realized that tarot helped me meditate and put things in perspective in a unique way.

Why I love reading tarot...

I enjoy reading tarot with my clients to help them tap into their own intuition and inner guide - we are all capable of developing psychic abilities if we take time to listen to that voice inside.

You can also book a reading via email at:

If you miss a session, you can request to re-schedule or receive a refund. If possible, please cancel or re-schedule 24 hours in advance. 

What you will need for each reading session:

a journal to write down notes so that you can look up the card meanings for yourself and plan any next steps or meditationsyou are welcome to bring any crystals, flowers or objects that will help you channel your inner guide

What is a Querent?

"For whom a Tarot reading is given. The person who is questioning, and receiving the interpretation of the Tarot cards. If you are giving a reading for yourself, you are both reader and querent..." (


May you be blessed in mind, body, and spriit!

Our team

Ivonne G.

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Three Card Spread

35 min

Ideal reading for new clients! These readings will help you meditate on any question you may have for the tarot. Examples of three card spreads include:You // Obstacle // AdvicePast // Present // Future Mind // Body // Spirit...Intuitive tarot r

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Celtic Cross Reading

70 min

Do you have a specific question, and would you like a more in-depth assessment of the energy surrounding your situation? This is the most classic of tarot readings and provides you with insight about past, present and future influences that are impac

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Relationship ~ Friendship ~ Romance Reading

55 min

For those seeking insight on a personal relationship, this 8 card reading will provide you with insight into the status of your connection and will also provide guidance on how to proceed with the current energy surrounding the relationship. Dis

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Service name 2

60 min


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