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About the company

At BROOKLYN, it is our mission to be the leader in improving air, water, and the comprehensive living quality of every space we treat. What we do: Cleaning and disinfection services using only 100% chemical free bio-sanitizing products. We offer services for: A/C, Drains, Sewer Lines, Water Tanks, and Complete Disinfection (Specialized Fog Technology) e.g. Covid Disinfection

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Clean Air Solutions

240 min

General cleaning and disinfection, maintenance, and repair of any air conditioning systemIncludes:Mold analysisCleaning and vacuuming of lines, condensation trays, and coilsClean out and replacement of filtersEliminates bacteria, viruses, and harmful

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Clean Water Solutions

180 min

Drains and Sewer Lines:Vacuum and disinfection of master drains and sink linesCheck and clear any obstructions and debrisClean out of common insect infestationsComplete sanitization of drains and sewer linesWater Tanks:Removal of dirt, algae, and any

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Clean Living Solutions

120 min

Complete disinfection: Specialized fog technology to instantly decontaminate all soft furnitures, door handles, light switches, cabinet handles, faucets, etc. Safe to inhale, does not require evacuations, and effective in exposed or quarantined situa


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