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Please note – the NI COVID Vaccination programme is only available to individuals registered with a GP practice in Northern Ireland.

Members of the public can only receive the COVID vaccination from the pharmacy if they fall into one of the cohorts of patients as approved by the Department of Health – see cohorts here [insert link]


The pharmacy is required to carry out patient eligibility checks and patient health checks prior to any vaccine being administered.

If you proceed to make an appointment and you are unable to provide proof of eligibility to receive the vaccine the Pharmacy will NOT be able to administer the vaccine to you and the Pharmacy reserves the right to release your booking.


Please note that only patients registered with a GP in Northern Ireland can be vaccinated under the NI COVID-19 Vaccination Programme.

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Autumn Vaccination - Ages 50+ or HSCW

15 min

All doses for individuals aged 50+ and HSCW. You can select from either Covid-19 Booster and/or Flu Vaccine.

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10 min

Private flu vaccination for individuals aged between 18-50 years 


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