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Glammed By Mae'Allure

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    9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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    6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

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About the company

Glammed By Mae'Allure is your go to Glam Studio . We specialize in braids, and protective styles . We will also be accepting make-up appointments as soon as July 2021

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Top services

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Regular/ traditional box braids (small/medium )

330 min

Regular box braids (small/medium) lower back or but t length

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Regular crochet braids

60 min

Regular crochet braids / traditional crochet . Hair is cornrowed then crochet braids are installed with a crochet latch hook . Regular crochet braids consist of crochet faux locs, crochet senagalese twist, crochet box braids or crochet butterfly lo

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Small knotless box braids for adults mid back

270 min

Client needs 3 packs of E z braid pre stretched hair between 18 inches and 20 inches . Anything longer than this price will be resulted in a extra $5 feeMy recommended brand is "Spectra" . Please make sure that the braiding hair is already prestretch

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Small Knotless box braids for adults lower back/butt length /lower butt

370 min

client will need 3-4 packs of prestretched braiding hair between 24-26 inches

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Medium Knotless Box Braids for adult mid back

210 min

client needs 4-5 packs of ex braid prestretched hair  inches 18-20 

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Closure Wig Install

120 min

Clients hair will be braided down flat . All closure wigs are installed w/ lace glue in he front . The wig will be pretty plucked , bleached and styled by Mae’Allure

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Medium knotless braids for adults $140 lower back/butt leg

60 min

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Large knotless braids

140 min

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Kids natural updo ponytail

150 min

Kid scalp braids medium size . If you want hair added it’s $10 extra . Special decisions can range from $5-$15 . You’ll need 4 bundles of ez braid hair

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Quick weave w/leave out

90 min

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Small kids knotless braids

60 min

Small kids knotless braids (mid back or lower back ) kids 11 & under

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Hair special (medium knotless ) any length

190 min


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