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Physiotherapy: Restoring movement and function from injury, illness or disability. This can be achieved through a number of methods from Manual Therapy, Structured Exercise and Movement to Education and Advice.

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Follow Up Physio Appointment

30 min

Book this appointment type if your Physiotherapist agreed to see you for a 30 minute follow up treatment after your initial consultation.Do not book this appointment type if you are presenting with a new/different issue - an initial consultation is r

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Initial Physio Consultation & Treatment

55 min

Book this appointment type if you are a NEW PATIENT coming to Global Therapies for the first time, OR you are an existing client returning with a NEW ISSUEOR you require a full treatment duration.This appointment includes an assessment of the is

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Sports Massage

55 min

Sports Massage treatments are targeted to support fitness and wellness. Treatments help to reduce the demands that sport and general life place on the body, increases the ability to perform optimally and enhances and shortens recovery time.If yo


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