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Luz de Luna Pet Spa

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    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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About the company

This business idea started back in 2015, when owner Connie, got her two Samoyed puppies. Connie has always had a deep love for fluffy dogs. She has owned Chow Chows and Samoyeds her entire life. Owning fluffy dogs is no easy task since lots of grooming is needed in order to keep a healthy coat. This is when Connie saw the need for grooming services that measured up to her high standards.

Luz de Luna Pet Spa was registered in the state of Maryland in 2018. We will start taking appointments in 2020.

Connie promises to provide highly professional dog grooming services as well as other exclusive pet services. Stay tuned!

Our team

Connie K.

Top services

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240 min

Our full groom includes haircut, bath, blow-dry, brush-out, styling, nail trim, and ear-cleaning.

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120 min

Recommended for in-between full groomings when your dog just needs a touch up before their full groom. We trim their four paws and pads, the sanitary area and the face. Bath, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim and ear cleaning are also done.

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120 min

Bath using our exclusive shampoos and/or conditioners that best suits your dog need and blow-dry.

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20 min

Tooth brushing with enzymatic toothpaste or type requested by owner

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60 min

Inquire about our exclusive add on services!


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