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Firstly, Thank you for choosing me to be your facialist! And welcome to Pigmented Beauty Lab!!

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60 min

Are you new to PigmentedBeautyLab? We are excited to have you and get you on the road to you health skin journey!Whats included? - Skin consultation -a customized facial tailored to your skin concerns and goals 

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Deep Cleaning Facial

60 min

This facial is a deep cleaning and rehydrating to the skin. Helps get rid of unwanted build up of oil ,toxins, dirt, bacteria and all skin cell debris.

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Microdermabrasion Facial

60 min

A mechanical form of exfoliation that removes the top skin layer of dry dead skin cells and vacuums out any dirt and dead skin that's backed up. 

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The Glow Facial

75 min

Dermaplaning Removes fine facial hair aid in reducing hyperpigmentation, reduce acne and improves scars and wrinkles with the the glow facial, this facial requires zero down time and will leave you glowing and refreshed.


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