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About the company

We're so excited to get you booked and meet your Pups! Below you'll find all of our services: walking, sitting, and transport. Get signed up and we'll take care of the rest. We look forward to working with you!

Our team

Dakota Marks

Jake Poindexter

Top services

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Pup Transport

20 min

If your Pup needs to be anywhere in Greensboro at anytime, this is the service for you! With our Pup Transport service, one of our PupStride Professionals will ensure your Pup's safe travel (with a dog seatbelt) to daycares, events, homes, etc. 

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Daytime Pet Sitting (Per Hour)

60 min

A PupStride professional will visit your Pup in order to feed, walk, care for, or simply give attention to them while you're away!

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Overnight Pet Sitting

510 min

Staying through the night (11PM-8AM) with your Pup(s) for care and company in the clients home. (When necessary, this also includes visits throughout the day with a maximum of 4 hours between each visit)

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Dog Walk

30 min

A PupStride Professional will come by to take your pup on a 30 minute walk to use the bathroom or simply burn some energy!


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