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Save Sight Institute, Discipline of Ophthalmology, Sydney Eye Hospital - STAGE 2

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About the company

PLEASE NOTE: This site is ONLY for Stage 2 Students. 

Be advised that clinics for Stage 2 students will open from the 16th of March 2020 (after your ophthalmology skills sessions at the Sydney Eye Hospital). 

Spaces in clinics are strictly limited. You must register by 12:00pm on the THURSDAY prior to the week you wish to attend. Please note that popular
clinics book out well in advanceStudents are only able to book up to 2 months in advance.  

Please note you are only able to hold 4 bookings in advance - this is to ensure all students get a chance to book in for SEH clinics. 

Arrival Instructions for Clinical Placements at the Sydney Eye Hospital – Stage 2 Students

Prior to your arrival:

You must register for your clinic prior to your placement. You can register at by following the following instructions. 

1. Select your clinic

2. Select your preferred clinic time (for AM and PM)

3. Select your preferred day

4. Fill out your details

5. Your booking is confirmed. You will also receive an email confirmation. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of clinic placements at the Sydney Eye Hospital will only be granted for illness or misadventure, as per the criteria within the University’s Special Consideration Policy. It is essential that you contact your Clinical School Coordinator to provide a reason for your absence. A weekly attendance and cancellation report is sent to all coordinators. Cancellation of your placements without a good reason will not be looked on favourably. There are limited places in the Sydney Eye Hospital clinics and if you cancel your place without a good reason, you will not be able to re-book for 4 weeks.


On the day of your placement:

Please arrive at the hospital at 8:50am for a 9:00am start and 12:50pm for a 1:00pm start. Your email will have the Unit details of your clinic. Units A – D and Eye Emergency are located on the Ground floor of the Sydney Hospital.

You must bring your ID. You will not be able to attend without it.

The Bicentennial Eye Clinic is located on the Ground Floor of North Block.

On arrival please introduce yourself to hospital staff and find the Consultant and/or Registrar. You will need to make yourself known to hospital staff, as it is a busy environment and they will not call for you.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will not be able to attend the hospital without making a booking as it is a requirement that all hospital staff are notified prior to your arrival.

Transport to Sydney Eye Hospital

The Sydney Eye Hospital is located at 8 Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000. The closest train stations are St James and Martin Place and we recommend that you follow the exit signs to Macquarie Street. If you arrive by bus you can alight at Martin Place and the hospital is at the top end of Martin Place.  There is also parking available in the Domain or the Sydney Eye Hospital for a fee.

Our team

Medical Retina AM - Unit A, SEH

Neuro-ophthalmology PM - Unit B, SEH

Oculoplastics PM - Unit A, SEH

Oculoplastics PM - Unit B, SEH

Paediatrics PM - Unit D, SEH

Glaucoma PM - Unit D, SEH

Vitreo-Retina AM - Unit B, SEH

Cornea AM - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

Cornea PM - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

IOL (Cataract) PM - Unit A, SEH

Glaucoma AM - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

Glaucoma AM - Unit D, SEH

Vitreo-Retina AM - Unit A, SEH

Paediatrics AM - Unit D, SEH

Medical Retina AM - Unit B, SEH

General Ophthalmology - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

Oncology PM - Unit A, SEH

Uveitis AM - Unit B, SEH

FFA Clinic AM - Unit D, SEH

FFA Clinic PM - Unit B, SEH

Medical Retina PM - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

Vitreo-Retina AM - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

Vitreo-Retina PM - Bicentennial Eye Clinic, SEH

Eye General Theatre AM

Eye General Theatre PM

Top services

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Medical Retina

180 min

Review the signs, presentation and management of: 1. Diabetic retinopathy 2. Age related macular degeneration 3. Vein occlusions

Service image


180 min

Review vitreo-retinal conditions including management of 1. Retinal detachment 2. Macular diseases such as macular holes, epiretinal membranes

Service image


180 min

Service image


180 min

Service image


180 min

Review common childhood eye conditions including: 1. Squint 2. Amblyopia 3. Periocular infections 4. Retinoblastoma

Service image


180 min

Review and describe management of: 1. Primary Open Angle glaucoma 2. Angle closure glaucoma 3. Secondary glaucomas including PXF, lens induced, traumatic etc

Service image

General Ophthalmology

180 min

Cataracts, Dry Eyes, Blepharitis

Service image


180 min

Review the signs and management of: 1. Corneal transplants- Full thickness, partial thickness, endothelial transplants; 2. Keratitis; 3. Blepharitis and Ocular rosacea, 4. Dry eyes; Pterygium and Ocular surface neoplasia; 5. Corneal Ectasias- ker

Service image


180 min

Review cataract types and approach to surgical management

Service image


180 min

Cataract operations Pterygium Surgery Basic eyelid operations

Service image


180 min

Service image


180 min

Review the signs, presentation and management of: 1. Anterior uveitis including HLA B27 related 2. Intermediate uveitis 3. Posterior Uveitis: incuding infectious and non infectious causes

Service image

FFA Clinic

180 min


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