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The Mobile Mommy PT

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I am The mobile Mommy PT... I am a concierge physical therapist helping women regain control over their mobility on their own terms!

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Initial Evaluation

60 min

The initial evaluation is an in-person meeting. During this time, your provider will be able to provide a detailed assessment of your concerns by establishing your specific baseline. You will then collaborate with your Physical Therapist to curate yo

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The Exploratory Visit

30 min

The Exploratory Visit is an initial online meeting. It allows you the opportunity to meet your provider, ask preliminary questions, and to decide if The Mobile Mommy PT can meet your unique needs prior to scheduling an in-person evaluation. 

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Follow-up Visits

60 min

The follow-up visit is where the magic happens! After your personalized initial visit, you will be able to schedule your follow-up treatment sessions when they best fit your lifestyle in order to best optimize your care. These visits are usually 1hr,


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