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About the company

Exclusive hire of an enclosed field to peacefully exercise your dog.

Romsey Paws Park is an acre of fenced grassland well away from roads and other people that functions as a safe place to exercise, train and play. We have 4ft fences with mesh at the bottom (to ground level) and wire along the top, one fence line has mature hedge plants and trees that provide welcome shade when needed.

If you have a convalescing patient, elderly pooch, lady in season, rumbustious puppy or a timid character in need of some confidence we can help you turn that 'stressful lead walk' into something you'll both enjoy.

There is a hardstanding parking area. You will need to put your pet on a lead to take them from the car to the field and back.

Our field is enclosed but is not 'dog proof', you are responsible for checking its suitability for your pet. Access to the farm and use of the field is ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Water point in the field and a dog poo bin is provided. You must pick up after your pet please and take all other litter home.
At times there will be sheep or horses in neighbouring fields - if you feel your dog will be a risk to the livestock please do not make a booking.

Maximum 2 cars and 4 dogs unless by prior arrangement please. We can accommodate slightly larger groups but additional time needs to be booked to allow for the increased traffic on and off site. Please message me before booking.

At times of high rainfall you can expect muddy conditions.

Further queries please email:

GDPR data protection: All the data you provide is given by your consent and is of legitimate interest so you can use Romsey Paws Park. It is also vital to have two contact details so we can reach you in an emergency, Your information is never shared or used in marketing without your written consent. All details are password protected and only the two administrators of Romsey Paws Park have access to them.

To check what information we hold you can follow the link on your confirmation email or contact me, the data controller Caroline Jewell, directly via email

Contents of any emails are kept to keep track of your purchase history. You can request this information or deletion at any time by contacting Caroline Jewell. All CCTV footage is erased after review (usually 48 hours). Clips may be retained for longer in the interest of crime prevention and public and animal safety, these are kept for 7 years.  

Any breach, once identified, is reported to the ICO and the police.

We do not hold any financial information, only ‘Name’, ‘Email address’ and ‘Phone number’.  These details are essential if you wish to use Romsey Paws Park. You can request deletion of the account if you do not want these details to be held and no longer wish to use the field. Any deletion requests will be completed with 28 days.

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Exclusive hire of an enclosed field to peacefully exercise your dog. (55 Minutes run time)

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Romsey Paws Park - 30 minutes

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Exclusive hire of an enclosed field to peacefully exercise your dog. (25 minutes run time)

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Exclusive hire for one and a half hours.(85 minutes run time)

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