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About the company

This is where you go to schedule an office visit or tutorial or parent-student-teacher conference with Mr. Zoller.

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Joe Zoller

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Office Hours

15 min

This is where you go to schedule an "office hours" visit with Mr. Zoller. These are short 15 minutes (maximum) meant for important issues that can be solved quickly with a one-on-one interaction.

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Parent-Student-Teacher Conference

45 min

This is time set aside for parents and students to come together for an intervention of sorts. At issue is the need for the student to be much more engaged with class lessons and/or assigned work that is not getting done. It is imperative that the st

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Tutorial Time

30 min

This is time set aside for when students are in need of serious one-on-one attention focusing on concepts with which he/she is struggling.

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60 min


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