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About the company

Providing all ages and levels of math and science tutoring to South Anchorage since 2015.

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Math Tutoring (1 hour)

60 min

One hour of one-on-one tutoring (either in-person or via zoom) with an experienced math tutor.

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Homework Help (ask, Body Double)

60 min

Your student just needs a place to do their homework uninterrupted. Often ADHD kids just need someone in the room while they're working. In the ADHD world, we call this body doubling and even I (Katelynn) need this to actually accomplish my goals. We

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60 min

Did Katelynn say, "Get on my calendar," and then send you this link? Use this service. :)

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SAT/ACT/Test-prep (1-hour)

60 min

Prep for your standardized test with an experienced tutor to help guide you towards a better score! Available in-person or via zoom.


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