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Our team

Carissa Doré, LMHC, RYT (In Office)

Carissa L. Doré, LMHC (Video Counseling)

Marlys Adjevi, RMHCI (In Office Counseling)

Marlys Adjevi, RMHCI (Video Counseling)

Carissa L. Doré, Group Leader

Anthony Marler, LMHC Group Leader

Every Girl Living

Top services

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Initial Counseling Appointment

60 min

The purpose of this first session is for your therapist to obtain information about your current concerns, relevant history and goals. Arrive at least 15 minutes early because you will need to complete paperwork. By the end of the session you should

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Individual Counseling

60 min

In individual counseling, you will work with your counselor to help: • Identify the nature of the problems your are facing. • Evaluate your options in terms of solving your problem. • Process difficult or complex emotions associated with your c

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Life Purpose Coaching

60 min

Have you ever wanted to know what is your purpose on this planet? If you answered yes, this is the coaching program for you. Be able to answer these questions…What is my purpose? How does this become my career? How do I keep my job and move forward i

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Life Transition Coaching

60 min

Whether you’re retired, the kid’s left home or you want a new career, change is challenging. In this coaching program, you will discover your passions, discern roadblocks, and then move confidently forward to do what you were meant to do in this life

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Life Balance Coaching

60 min

This coaching session focuses on any aspect of your personal life you’d like to focus such as career, relationships, spiritual, health & wellness, emotional and financial. This session is developed to bring balance and fulfillment to all areas of you

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Private Yoga Sessions

60 min

Want to… Learn more about yoga? Deepen your practice physically, mentally and spiritually? Develop a program specific to your needs? Let Carissa design a practice specifically designed for you. Carissa offers private sessions in her office. Your

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30 Minute Video Coaching Session

30 min

Do you lack clarity and focus? Have you ever wished you had someone to talk to as a sounding board for your ideas? This 30-minute coaching session focuses on any issue you’re facing that you want clarity and a plan for moving forward. Accompany this

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30 minute initial phone consultation

30 min

On this phone call you will need to block 30 minutes and have privacy. We will discuss areas you are desiring help. You will be asked background questions and discussions will be focused on your goals. After the call, you will leave with at least on


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