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About the company

Welcome to the booking page for services provided by Brigitte Michelle including Awakening the Dakini, Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapy and other services.

Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapy

In her current practice of Medical Qigong and Yoga Therapy, Brigitte draws many self-healing remedies from what she calls her energetic apothecary that best support the specific health needs of her clients. She will guide you on how to do a number of energy healing exercises that fit your specific health needs such as: self-healing massage, acu-point tapping methods, stress reducing breathwork, medical qigong methods, yoga, abiding meditations, organ sound healing and more. Depending on what's needed, you may also be recommended healing mudras, medicine mantras to recite and mindfulness lifestyle remedies.

Awakening the Dakini

Brigitte hosts a branch of her practice Awakening the Dakini offering philosophy, lifestyle remedies, health protocol and enriching practices of Taoist internal alchemy geared towards the physique and psycho-energetic anatomy of women. Awakening the Dakini is a learning system that offers not only a more graceful and deeper understanding of feminine empowerment but presents a path the yogini can take towards feminine embodiment.

On the path of Awakening the Dakini, yoginis will learn a plethora of unique practices and teachings. Yoginis will encounter three major energy exercises and meditations taught in succession as part of the feminine alchemy series. These are:

1. Restoring the Moon

2. Harvest Moon

3. Ten Moons Gestation

4. Radiant Mother

Restoring the Moon, Harvest Moon and Ten Moons Gestation are packed with many smaller exercises built as one whole system for bringing balance to a woman's gynecological health and building abundance of energy to prepare for internal alchemy for transformation and personal awakening. Many who embark on this journey experience reduced menstrual cramps, emotional stability, stress-relief, a healthier menstrual cycle, more stamina in day to day life, feminine empowerment and spiritual radiance.

Other Services

Emotional Healing & Alchemy
Shadow Work & Trauma Release
Recommended Mantra as Medicine
Guidance on Spiritual and Health-focused Retreats
Spiritual Sex Exercises (3 years + relationships only)
Mindfulness Lifestyle Coaching
Healing Mudras
Customized Talismans
Soul Retrieval Meditation
Psychic Self-Defense

Meet Brigitte

In the last eleven years, Brigitte has studied and practiced Buddhist philosophy, Taoist internal alchemy, Yogic breathing & meditation, Greek Mysticism, Sufism, Parapsychology, Medical & Classical Qigong and more. It has been her passion to learn how energetic methods from ancient systems can be direct forms of alternative therapies for increased health and happiness. In 2008, Brigitte met in India her first yoga teacher, Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath and trained in Kundalini Kriya Yoga. Brigitte met and began learning Taoism from Max Christensen including the art of the Kunlun System® and other forms of internal alchemy. Brigitte attended courses and learned from psychology professor, Dr. Andrew Nichols in the field of Parapsychology. In 2015, Brigitte became a student and 600+ hours certified Assistant Instructor of the Maahaah-Rooh Internal & Energetic Systems through a direct apprenticeship with Dr. Khalid A. Shakoor, D.A.O.M. She also received teachings and direct guidance from renowned figures such as Lama Tsultrim Allione, Lama Gyurme, Nomkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Tulku Sang- Nyag Rinpoche, Kunjab Kyag, Lama David Bole and Lama Kathy Wesley and others who remain private. Brigitte has achieved 700+ hours of teaching certifications, both documented and additional verbalized permissions. She has hosted 1-on-1 consultations, classes and retreats at Santa Fe College, Montreat Retreat Center, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, The Divine Science, Inc., Hidden Elements, and additionally offers her services at The Seva Tree. At present, Brigitte is training in alternative medicine and holistic death care.

Financial Assistance

If you are in need of financial assistance, please inquire within to arrange another exchange. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Alternate adjusted payments and/or love donations are sent to


There are no set hours for completion of trainings while the teaching and consultation structure is person to person and flows in the way that is best suited for each individual. By request, printed and signed proof of completion and letter of recommendations are provided by Brigitte when if when needed.

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Awakening the Dakini (Your Own Pace)

60 min

Learn the unique and empowering path of Awakening the Dakini, a path of personal healing, transformation and awakening exercises catered to the woman's body and psycho-energetic anatomy. These teachings are rooted in Taoism, Buddhist Philosophy, Trad

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Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapy (Follow Up)

60 min

A one hour follow up Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapy consultation with Brigitte. Learn a unique set of self-healing methods stemming from the healing traditions of yoga and qigong, selected from a "pharmacy" of energetic techniques that will be prescri

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Initial Consultation (first time clients)

90 min

A 1.5 hour initial consultation with Brigitte for Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapy or Awakening the Dakini. This includes extra time for a personal interview and wellness assessment to get to know you better and how best I can help you.

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Free Private Interview

30 min

I invite you to bring your questions and curiosities about me and my services. We can meet for 30 minutes and go over more about Medical Qigong & Yoga Therapy, Awakening the Dakini or other services. If time permits, we can get you started with a sma

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Awakening the Dakini (Ongoing Pace)

60 min

Dive deeper into an ongoing engagement with Brigitte. Meet Monthly: Train with Brigitte every 30 days at a discounted rate of 15% off following the initial session. Bi-Weekly 20 min Review: Every two weeks, check in with Brigitte by phone. This i

Service image

Awakening the Dakini (Monthly Pace)

60 min

On a monthly basis, learn the unique and empowering path of Awakening the Dakini, a path of personal healing, transformation and awakening exercises catered to the woman's body and psycho-energetic anatomy. These teachings are rooted in Taoism, Buddh


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